• A loyalty program is a fixed-term investment repayment contract, that provides a one-off payment to the certificate affiliate or holder, at an agreed future date in the HBC terms 25(twenty five), 20 (twenty) or 15 (fifteen) years.

•Tax-Free: HBC Vacation Program enjoys tax-free growth.
• Income: Your program provides you with a lump sum payment upon maturity. You can set up your options to meet your needs and lifestyle at that time.
•The Loyalty Vacation Program is essentially an insurance contract, your assets pass directly to you or your beneficiaries.

  • You will be sent a package to confirm your Loyalty Vacation Package has been activated, including a signed certificate (very important to save in a safe place) and full terms and conditions. You can start enjoying your vacations having the certainty your money will be invested and managed by HBC Services financial  experts. The Loyalty Vacation Package is a long-term investment, and so there will be no need for any separate intervention as long as all terms and conditions are complied.


  • If you are looking for a long term relationship with your Vacation Club, this is the perfect fit for you, vacation fun and money back when you are done.
  • The Loyalty Vacation Program is designed to pay the whole cost of your Vacation Membership over the full term, by making use of the potential for investment growth within specific Tax Haven allowance rules. It is the long-term, fixed nature of the plan which helps to ensure the required levels of return on a comparatively small investment,. The plan is supported by resorts because:
    • • Loyalty Vacation Program payout makes Vacation Club membership more attractive.
    • • It also encourages members to keep their membership in good standing throughout the Loyalty Vacation Program term.
  • We have 3 certificates, maturing at 15, 20 and 25 years. These are designed to meet your needs.  
  • Maturity, at a longer maturity smaller return.
  • Cost, larger return higher cost.
  • The Loyalty Vacation Certificate is only designed for Vacation Membership Owners.
  • You can only secure the amount that was paid for your Vacation Onership Membership.