Loyalty Vacation Program

HBC Loyalty Vacation reimbursement Program matures alongside the vacation membership’s time and guarantees to support the resort’s objective to fulfill to the obligation of worry-free vacations to its members for the full duration of the membership agreement. We require the member-resort relationship to continue and be current at all times & maintain their associated Vacation Membership in good standing throughout its lifetime and that they adhere at all times to their Vacation Club’s terms and conditions.


Despite the high cost, industry statistics confirm that there is a deffinate value in Vacation Owneship. Even though a  portion of members do not keep up their memberships for the full term. Resorts continue to grow and offer better services to find ways to encourage each and every member to stay on board and enjoy all the advantages of Vacation Ownership, despite changes to individual circumstances. Our plan provides a very simple solution to this problem that specifically encourages members to commit and continue taking those much-needed vacations year after year.


Our Loyalty Certificate, gives you that piece of mind that your Vacation Club Membesrhip will be a good desicion and not only that but a sound investment. HBC can give you and your family memories for years to come. Don’t think twice about getting involved only make sure you make a large enough investment you won´t regret it.